Best dating apps 2018 philippines

Filipino dating app free

Filipino dating app free

Welcome to my guide to using the best Philippines dating sites and apps. A lot has changed in the Filipino online dating game over the past five years. Dating sites that were once epic have turned to rubble while others have stood the test of time. One of the greatest advantages for foreigners traveling to the Philippines and ex-pats alike is the massive online dating presence in PH. Women from all over the 1000s of islands use online dating sites to meet foreign men for marriage, serious relationships, and even hookups with the right approach.

This guide is the perfect resource. Despite the record-setting number of women using Tinder in Manila, the number of men — both local and foreigners — is astronomical. This means competition is sky-high, and women are getting spoiled with attention. I spent years in Manila off and on between 2014 and 2018. I saw the online dating scene change dramatically over that period. In 2014, when I walked around Manila, it was common to see average men walking around with gorgeous Pinays.

By 2018, westernization and globalization had taken their toll. Plus, the word is out. Men from all over the world flock to Manila for easy sex. Having said that, Manila Tinder is still awesome if you know how to finesse your way to a lay on Tinder. The ultimate Tinder finesse guide is my book, Tinder Cheat Codes. The key feature is unlimited swipes. You need unlimited swipes to give yourself the best chance of meeting Filipinas on Tinder.

This feature is essentially useless. The greatest advantage to using it over Tinder is the level of competition. By using Cupid, you avoid competing with short-term backpackers and other broke jokes who are standing between you and the beautiful Pinay s of your dreams.

This site is best for men who are looking for Filipina brides or serious girlfriends, although with the right approach a lot of fun can be had as well. There are too many advantages to using Cupid to list in a blog article.

You get instant access to thousands of Pinays scattered all over the entire country. What could be better than that? One of the — and my personal favorite — is.

The same group behind Thaifriendly created PinaLove. PinaLove gives you free and paid options similar to Thaifriendly, and there are best dating apps 2018 philippines lot of women using it. PinaLove is an excellent choice for men who looking for something more casual or a girlfriend rather than a Filipina wife. What I like best dating apps 2018 philippines this site is the option to chat with women from every country in Asia.

You may find that women from other countries in Asia are more up your alley. Also, if you plan to travel to multiple countries in Southeast Asia, instead of the Philippines only, this site will come in handy during your escapade. Bumble is picking up steam all over the world and growing its membership.

Since once again, the online dating space in the Philippines is massive, there are best dating apps 2018 philippines lot of Pinays using Bumble in Manila and other major Filipino cities. Bumble is similar to Tinder and very easy to use. You swipe left or right best dating apps 2018 philippines women the same way as Tinder.

The main difference is that women message you first. Bumble claims they made it this way to reduce dead-end matches. Once you go beyond using the sites and apps in this guide, you best dating apps 2018 philippines yourself too thin. Spend your time wisely and focus on the Philippines dating sites included in this guide with the largest memberships.

As I just mentioned, stick with these sites to achieve the best results and meet gorgeous Filipina women who are eager to best dating apps 2018 philippines foreigners. Women using Cupid and Asian Dating are more receptive to men who appear as though they have good intentions.

Remember, competition is high in Manila. If I were to travel to the Philippines right now strictly to meet Pinays, I would not go to Manila or Cebu first. If you want to know where to go, pick up my first book. Final Thoughts Now you know all the best Philippine dating sites and apps. I have years of experience dating in the Philippines. Along the way, I met and dated gorgeous Pinays. Patience and leaving your ego at the door go far in the Philippines.

Pinays will test your patience with lots of questions because Filipinos are very inquisitive people. Recommended Further Reading: LIMITED TIME OFFER: Free Tinder Cheat Sheet Get instant access to my free Tinder cheat sheet with exclusive tips you won't see here on my site. In less than five minutes, you will join me in the 1% club and always be closing. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get Instant Access to My Exclusive Tinder Cheat Sheet! Do you want to get laid on Tinder? Then you need to have this cheat sheet.

The best part is it's 100% free, and you will have instant access to it after signing up. I built the cheat sheet after reviewing tons of men's profiles and through my own years of experience using Tinder.

Start getting laid today, not tomorrow!

Are there any dating sites in the Philippines?

The trick is finding them! Whether you’re just visiting or you’re a local, these 6 Philippine dating sites and apps are the best place to start looking. Part of the Cupid Media family of international dating sites, Filipino Cupid is one of the most popular dating sites in the Philippines.


What is the average age of dating in the Philippines?

While the majority of Filipino women you’ll find are 25 to 34, there are also plenty of women 35 and up on the app. This dating app is similar to Tinder in that you say yes or no to potential matches (called “Bagels”). But CMB focuses more on the quality of matches than quantity – men review up to 21 bagels at a time, sent at noon each day.

How do I find a girlfriend in the Philippines?

You can download the OkCupid app here: Tinder is a popular dating app in the Philippines, especially for singles in mega cities like Manila. While many Tinder users are in their 20s & 30s, you’ll find plenty of older Filipino singles as well. If you’re local and looking for something casual, Tinder is a good place to find it.

How to get banned from dating apps in the Philippines?

While Tinder is hands down the best Filipino dating app, it’s very easy to get banned because Pinays will report you at the drop of a hat if you get out of line. Choose your words wisely and don’t let your temper or ego get the best of you. Optimize your online dating profile well before your arrival.


What is the best Filipino online dating site?

» Read the Full Review of is one of the best Filipino online dating sites out there on the web, just pipped to the number one spot by

Where can I meet girls in the Philippines online?

Cebuanas .com is something of a niche online Filipino dating site, as it caters specifically to guys wanting to meet girls located in the central province of Cebu. That said, youll find girls from elsewhere in the Philippines too. Its packed with features,...

Is Cebuanas the best dating site in the Philippines?

More than 800,000 singles have chosen Cebuanas as their go-to Filipino dating site, and more people are joining every day. Everything is 100% free for women, while registration, browsing, and virtual smiles, among other things, are 100% free for men.

Is match only for Filipino daters?

Match isn’t just for Filipino daters, but you’ll find more Filipino daters on this site than any other. Match has more than 30 million members, and more than 13.5 million people visit the site every month. And we can’t forget to mention that Match has facilitated more romantic connections than any other dating site in the industry.

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