Having no luck with online dating

Sigh. I'm having no luck at the online dating thing.

Sigh. I'm having no luck at the online dating thing.

Like, i have tinder, bumble, coffee meets bagels, and ive tried match, eHarmony, and OkCupid and i have had zero luck in meeting someone. I dont think im that bad looking and i have a good amount of pictures and info on my profiles. You should focus more on the apps catered to your demographics, 2, 3 max.

Also, if you have bad photos, bad bios or live in an unpopulated area, changing apps won't help. The assumption is that I was doing something wrong, but as you are not afforded to know what you did wrong I chose to stop engaging with it. You're happier flirting with people face to face; even if you don't end up dating them. Its far more enjoyable. Being ignored or ghosted through online dating apps is more debilitating because I never even made a social connection to begin with.

At this point I've tried my absolute best: am in good shape, used my best possible pictures, feel i'm better-than-average looking and still to this day nothing at all. The only advice I get is something like "well you must be doing something wrong". Two of these people i should of never bothered with. It took a bunch of work to get these dates. Only 2 went passed a first date.

I think with OLD unless you met certain criteria it comes down to three things. Luck, timing an perseverance. For about 70% of us guys it just doesnt work to well without these three. And the really strange thing is that I feel i'm a much better catch than any of the other guys in my area I've made a couple fake profiles to snoop on their profiles and most guys do not try at all and have the shittiest pictures, so I feel like I definitely should have stood out in a good way! It use to bother me as well, OLD has that effect on you.

As a not in shape 40 something its tough for me an im tough sell if you go by that alone. I thought back when i first started OLD when i just was about to hit 40 it would be a help it had the opposite effect. Back then i met some people off CL dating which for me worked better than the apps. However, they took that down last year in the US. The dates i described above most of them you wouldnt want to go on anyways.

My first date was w a lady who was not interested whatsoever. Very awkward an in that first 90 seconds i could tell she wasnt interested. We sat through a very awkward Dinner. The 2nd date was with a lovely lady an had my hopes up a bit there.

Turned out she was just out still in someways in a very abusive relationship. A few days after the date i stopped hearing from her. She called me 3 mos later apologized an asked for a 2nd date. She did the same exact thing.

She couldnt shake the abusive husb an the kicker is shes a therapist herself. There lot of these broken types on OLD.

Hate to word that way but it is what it is. My 3rd date was with a lady whos boyfriend passed 2 years ago. I almost bailed on this one last minute as it became clear to me she wasnt ready to date. Of course she said she was they always do! Same as the other girl. When she got there she told me she was wearing her deceased boyfriends boots an jacket.

We ordered a pizza at pizza shop sat down an date went ok although slightly weird. Never heard from this one after that day. This was a year ago an till now her profile still has pics of her deceased boyfriend she didnt have them back when we first met.

The following woman looked promising at first. However, shortly after our first date concluded she started to ask for stuff. At first it was subtle like she was feeling me out. Then on our next 2 dates it became fairly obvious. Then she told me shes looking for someone to help her out. I told her no thanks an she said, well i dont understand thats what your suppose to do.

So i ended that on the 3rd date. The following woman after that was annoying AF. I couldnt wait to that date was over. Half way through she did tell me thats shes a bit "off" but that could be a good thing.

Also she didnt look too much like her pictures. Of these dates only two i would say having no luck with online dating quality dates. One girl was ok nothing wrong but just no chemistry. Im dating the other girl now but it has been up an down. I don't think web site dating applies to that statistic.

If you average, to find success you have to find, in my opinion, something besides your looks. That might be religion, other social values, hobbies, etc. But that will grant you success on web site dating. I don't deny looks are important, they are regardless of having no luck with online dating you date. But when I do online dating I try to find something that they have in common.

Consider myself average looking. Also tried a couple apps, no difference among them. I get occasional matches, however matching is not really the problem and it's not like I'm not only swiping right on instagram models.

Having no luck with online dating I would like to have more matches, assuming they are even real to begin with, but there is a common thread they all share and one I am struggling to wrap my head around.

I really do not get the standard of communication that seems to just be standard behavior on all these platforms. Am I really rubbing everyone the wrong way with "hey, how do you like it on here? It's not even like it's a question of the onus being on men to keep a conversation going, because I've tried everything from casual small talk to immediately making coffee invites.

Always ends the same way, in silence. Mind you these are not long chats, there is no talking each other's ears off, no sexual advances, no sketchy behavior; it doesn't even have a chance to GET THAT FAR because it doesn't advance much further than hello. At this point I just attempt OLD solely for time wasting entertainment value. I assume all these services are simply running bot scams that having no luck with online dating you chatting to AI randos for a few minutes at a time, just to keep you subscribed and desperate enough to toss a few bucks at "upgrade having no luck with online dating.

But how many times should one endure this? Been attempting it for months just for shits and giggles, yet not one average looking girl has agreed to meet for coffee with an average looking guy. Fascinating world this is. You have to lower your standards and use things like your values and hobbies for success. It's harder but there. No, I don't match or score dates with 10s or super models, but I get about 5 dates maybe a year if I am active.

Not a super amount. Eharmony, contrary to what people having no luck with online dating has been my best success, by far. I think it's because I connect on religious values. I can go months without any hits. Then Randomly line up like 2 or 3 dates in a month.

I wonder if it's because there's some seasonal or timing think that makes the women more receptive. I had stopped using OK cupid for like 5 months because I just wasn't getting anybody interested. Having no luck with online dating to check it out this week and bam. Got a date lined up for tomorrow. While I consider myself to be handsome enough, and educated with a good job etc I got a grand total of zero dates.

At this point my conclusion is online dating is just another form of social media. © 2022 reddit inc.

How can I improve my online dating life?

Our dating experts have been through the online dating ringer and found personal success in the swiping scene, so we can offer can-do advice to help turn your luck around. Here are seven sure-fire tips for improving your online dating life! 1. Make Sure You’re On the Right Dating Site for You

Am I The Only Person That Has Had Bad Luck With Online Dating?

How to have a successful online relationship?

The first step to having romantic success online is choosing the right dating site. You’re setting yourself up for failure from the beginning if you use a dating platform that doesn’t cater to your relationship needs, appearance, personality, and lifestyle preferences.

What are the biggest mistakes people make when dating online?

Having grammar errors and typos in your profile is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when you’re dating online. It’s not that you’ll miss out on one person or two — a majority of singles will pass on you if you appear to be unintelligent and look like you don’t care about your dating profile.

Are you feeling burned out from online dating?

Whether you’re looking for a one-night stand or a steady relationship, online dating has the numbers to make that happen. But it’s not always a cake walk. Sometimes you can spend weeks, months, or even years without getting lucky online, and that can wear you down and leave you feeling burned out.

I tried online dating for 2 years (And this is what happened)

How can I make my online dating profile look better?

There are a few things you can do to completely change your online profile. Here are some tips on how to make these changes and make online dating work for you. 1. Be honest. One of the most important things you need to make sure is that you are being honest about everything you say about yourself in your online profile.

How to improve your dating life?

Another way to improve your dating life is to go to the “Meet Up” website and peruse the groups. Or, look into volunteering for a local or national political group. 5. Get comfortable meeting new men – both single and attached

Does online dating really work?

From shopping to studying, to even dating. Online dating has been around for quite some time now and there’s a good chance that you’ve tried it at some point of your life. The thing about online dating is, it seems to work so well for some, but not so much for others. If you really think about it, that really is true for any kind of dating.

How important is your profile picture when it comes to dating?

For sure, what you write in your opening message and in your profile will dictate a lot of your success with online dating, but the single biggest factor is how someone responds to your profile picture. It is the first thing they will ever see!

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