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I have been a watcher of Korean dramas for a decade and an Asian drama watcher for even longer. For years I suffered through bad kiss scenes, questionable fashion choices, and frustratingly conservative romances complete with aggressive wrist grabs. The drama was cute but forgettable. What it really introduced me to was how much better quality K-dramas were.

Now, ten years later and I feel like a seasoned pro! I probably average a few a year and walk away loving even less. Before I tell you my favorites, here are some quick tips for viewing! Korea is much more conservative than you might be used to. Socially, Korea is like… the US in the 1950s and 1960s. The best stations these days are tvN and JTBC. Same with TvN and JTBC. Keep in mind this is still Korea, so add about ten more layers of conservative restrictions. Without fail, the second half of most dramas do two things: 1 dragggggg and 2 begin to make no sense and go off the walls.

After two back-to-back betrayals, I actually stopped watching them for a year and a half! Why does this happen, you ask? Which means after those six, everyone is on set trying to pump out at least two episodes a week.

Movies half that long take months to film and edit, so imagine how hectic and crazy drama sets are. This also means drama teams get realtime feedback on their plots and couples and it can really affect how the plot goes towards the end. It drives me NUTS. Sadly, Koreans apparently did not find the style interesting, so PDs scrapped the whole thing before it got going and it became paint-by-numbers drama that not even the charm of the main cast could make unique.

Remember, K-dramas take more concentration than regular TV. And you know how I said many dramas suffer from the second part curse? Yeah, imagine having to sit through minutes of just staring without playing Candy Crush on your phone.

The best places to watch are Netflix and Viki. I remember jung eunji dating a just to get subtitles to work or scrounging Youtube for bits and pieces. Yes, every single drama gets its own score and original songs. And if a drama does well, those songs usually dominated the digital charts. The Best Korean Dramas I Tell Friends to Watch Alright, now what you came here for! My picks for the best Korean dramas; aka the ones I tell all my friends to watch.

These are all listed in chronological order, not by my preference! However, what seems like an easy challenge proves sinister after the very first round.

This show took the world by storm to the point that even my sister and brother watched. It feels more like an extended movie than a K-drama.

The acting is atrocious, and it seems like such an oversight given how much attention to detail the director gave to literally all other aspects of the show including the actual set design of the English parts. This was that one exception! Two dramas have made me cry at the end, and this was one of them. Every character was jung eunji dating well done, from the duckling soldiers got that term from Drama Beans to the funny ahjummas and more, our lead couple was so well supported.

On a bigger scale, I think this did a LOT to humanize the typical. QUICK PLOT Jang Man Wol runs a peculiar hotel right in. The mystery of why Man Wol is made to jung eunji dating the hotel CEO is interesting, and the blossoming romance between she and Chan sung is hilarious.

Plus I love the secondary characters so much! Throughout the show you get to know each of their personalities and follow their different trials and tribulations.

There are two seasons, and one of the girl is swapped out for a new character while one of the original characters changes actresses. WHY I LOVED IT This drama! I love it so much and I just want to hug all the girls and make sure they get through life okay. It has it all. This cover was done after the fact! QUICK PLOT Turn back the clock to 1997 and experience what it was like to be a Korean teenager in the late nineties during the First Generation of K-pop stars!

It immediately became my favorite drama. The pacing is perfect as all 16 episodes are under 30 minutes, so you can watch this in a day or two.

Just the pure fact they managed to get Eun Ji Won, a First Gen idol, to convincingly play a high school student in 2012 is a joke goldmine. In a littlelives a handful of families whose kids are all teenagers navigating the late eighties. While the first two relied more heavily on the main romance, they must have realized the real reason Korean audiences loved them was more for the accurate nostalgia and cast camaraderie.

So what to do they do with a bigger budget? Amp up the scenery and the cast! Not only do you care about the main teen crew, you care about each and every one of their families and their individual plot lines.

I watched it semi-live, so I was pretty ticked off at how shoehorned the romance ending was, but looking back, in a 90 minute episode, that was maybe 5 minutes of disappointment versus 85 minutes of happiness.

A reviewer pointed this out, and I agree, one of the best things about the male lead jung eunji dating that he never once comments on her appearance, no jung eunji dating what changes she goes through. And I love that her makeover is temporary and more of a confidence boost than a complete lifestyle change. Pretty much the premise of this drama as Emperor Lee Hyuk marries commoner Oh Sunny, and she must go from being a silly girl with a crush to the Empress of the Korean Empire.

WHY I LOVED IT I watched this drama in 3 days. Sure, the episodes are around 35 minutes, but there are FIFTY-TWO episodes and I watched it on Viki, which meant commercials!

Let us all take a moment to appreciate Jung Nara who is a national treasure who manages to go through so many different emotions in one drama. Shin Joo Yeon is 33 and committed to her job at a home shopping network. Of all of them, this one balances the romance with the workplace and friendships the best. While the two initially clash, they develop feelings for each other.

However, it was my favorite drama for a long time even though the second half just barely avoids the curse. The shots of the are something else. It focuses on the Korean Empire in the late 1800s as Eugene Choi returns to his homeland as an American soldier. It feels more like a complete movie production than it does a drama, especially with names like Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri attached. Cheese in the Trap 2016 This drama starts off SO jung eunji dating. Like the webtoon is incredibly clever and nuanced, and the show seems to do a good job taking that on and then….

It was so drawn out and boring, and the characters made no sense. Even how they wind up sleeping together is weirdly forced and awkward. I started skipping through it to see what would happen, and when I realize the way they reconcile in the end was crappy too, I gave up altogether.

I Need Romance Cho Yeo Jeong who you guys might recognize as the rich mom from Parasiteis one of my favorite actresses. However, this drama was a mess. Her character was insanely annoying like you know Cho is an amazing actress when you realize she was doing Concubine and Bangja around this time.

I remember thinking Ji Hoon and Yeol Mae got jung eunji dating too serious way too fast for the plot, and Yeol Mae was just kinda whiny. Now I have a proper list to send my friends when they ask me jung eunji dating recs! What do you think are the best Korean Dramas to watch? Simply click the links, and I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! I watched too many this is the list of the K-dramas I want to recommend.

I loved it so much. After this I was hooked. I would like to recommend: Crash Landing on You The Kings Affection Navillera Move to Heaven My Mister Squidd Games Vicenzo Mr. But the drama let behind the scenes issues whatever was going on with the main two male actors affect the plot. The only reason I knew about the issues is because I was watching it wondering why we were getting so many scenes of the second male lead.

I was ready to make that drama one of my all time favorites because how well the first like 10 episode were done. I love everything about it and am really sad I already finished it. From funny to mysterious, it is really original and high quality. If you like jung eunji dating and dramas, this is made for you. As someone who also loves romance, I still got what I wanted! I am very much able to control my tears during something emotional but this got me crying over and over.

In the last few episodes, there is nothing I did but cry especially the finale. IDK what it was about the drama but it was so good. I literally fell in love with it. It was something special. So thank you so much and sorry abt such a long paragraph, i have just loved it so much. What do you think?? Omg, I FEEL you! It truly is such a special drama that hits all the right marks, has the perfect lead and cast chemistry, and creates this world where you care for SO MANY CHARACTERS.

I will say I also loved Hotel del Luna and I watched it right after CLOY. I have two questions- is this trope a normality in k dramas? Just finding it a bit of a slog the telltale sign is when they linger FOREVER on stares Itaewon Class — I loved, loved, loved it at first! But I lost interest when they got to I think 2015 timeframe? Just started feeling sloggy. The acting by the entire cast, jung eunji dating the younger actors, costumes, sets and OST were amazing.

And loved the little girl! More recent Hospital Playlist Mine Love ft marriage and divorce Crash Landing On You is truly a worthy choice, But then Descendents Of The Sun, my first Korean Drama is right up there jung eunji dating well! Also one not mentioned from 2010, which I knew as The Baker Kingbut now is jung eunji dating Bread Love and Dreams …is a true classic as well. Most recentThe Rookie Historian too.

Ive just finished crash landing on you and I CRIED MY EYES OUT… ITS SO SAD AND SO Jung eunji dating. Among the ones ive watched, i also liked Startup and Vincenzo. Emotionally they have all stayed with me and not left.

The acting was superb. I am a relative newbie to this area of entertainment but, I am so enthralled. Thank you for sharing your art. PS my first drama was Mr Sunshine……. I was a goner from that moment on. Funny, sad, mad, action and romance. Love love love the male lead and female lead actors. I have never had a celebrity crush, but I am definitely in the throes of a character crush. A bespoke suit has not been so sexy since James Bond. A kooky, crazy, smart female lead has not been adorable and sexy at the same time as the female lead.

So ready for a season 2, 3, 4, and 5! So please please please are there any other good dramas with Daegu or Busan dialects? Please let me know ;-; Hi, You have great taste in Kdramas! Hello My Twenties is my favorite kdrama ever. And my first one was BOF. Although I still find them a bit cheesy and lots of jung eunji dating sexist this part annoys me the most and the conservativeness does annoy me a bit, they actually do help with my anxiety.

I believe kdramas actually have a secret not very secret Xanax-like ingredient in them. It was the first time I saw Siwan and I actually fel in love with him.

I have a few theories! It kind puts you in a trance! Definitely recommend Crash Landing on You the soundtrack just came up on my spotify and reminded me of how much I loved it and looooved Hotel del Luna.

I think about how interesting that whole was often! I discovered jung eunji dating only a year ago, while I was writing a paper for one of my courses. My first k-drama was Something in the Rain. However, the the female lead is played by Son Ye-hin, and I was struck by her amazing acting skills. And I liked the chemistry between her and Jung Hae-in.

So obviously I had to watch another drama with Son Ye-hin in the lead. Crash Landing on You offers both. I found it to be boring, dragging and quite problematic — which ruined the chemistry for me. And the ending just sucks! I watched Tale of the Nine tailed after Goblin and found it to be much much better being in the same category — fantasy, gods falling in love with humans, reincarnation, folklorenot in the least because the female lead is well in her twenties instead of a schoolgirl yikes, so problematic.

Good chemistry and fluffy story. Definitely need to watch My Mister! Honestly, Crash Landing on You is like a new tier of being amazing now jung eunji dating I look back on it! Like nothing I can think of will quite live up to it; THOUGH I loved, loved Hotel del Luna same actress as My Mister and I jung eunji dating it right after. The chemistry between the leads is cute but not really central to the plot, and the way it handles death is really interesting! It was just too cheesy. Also, I wanted to recommend you this show that is so good, at jung eunji dating to me.

Plus, the actresses are absolutely adorable. Its on Netflix if you want to try it out. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It started off SO GOOD and the main leads, I adore, but for me it petered out to be a bit underwhelming once everything started falling into place.

Still the chemistryyyyy, omg. Crash Landing On You. That show still jung eunji dating rent free jung eunji dating my brain, I love it so much! I just had to check out series with Hyun Bin gorgeous, of course!

Season 2s for K-dramas are SUPER rare. Jung eunji dating yes Hyun Bin is so timeless. Came across this site randomly while trying to find the name of a Korean drama. If someone wants to jung eunji dating my question that would be great. I am trying to find out the name of a drama series about a Korean Empress. My friend said it was excellent, and she cannot remember the name.

She told me about it a couple years ago or so, and I would recognize the name if I heard it. According to jung eunji dating, the name of the drama was the name of the Empress. I am currently watching The King:Eternal Monarch.

I thought it was going to jung eunji dating some cute little cheesy romance. However, I have 3 episodes left, and it keeps getting better and better. It has me pondering throughout my day about things like parallel universes, doppelgängers, fate, and history and how it affects us today. I keep thinking I have it finally figured out, and then they add another layer to the mystery that has me think: oh s—t, I did NOT see that coming-woah!

She holds her own and is not some pretty little weak thing. Yes, she has feelings and vulnerability, but she is strong minded and well developed too. She has just as much depth as the lead male. Quite detailed, loved the reasons for recommendations as well. Imma just bookmark it. Great post — thanks for sharing! I watch a STUPID amount of streaming on Viki, so I have watched and rewatched a bunch of shows based on your post and the comments.

Park Min Young is the heroine in both, and she SLAYS. TONS more to love, jung eunji dating these are two of my all-timers. I have watched all what you have mentioned. The only two things that sticks in my craw is A.

Why are a lot of the dramas predictable?? Why is the tendency to have a lot of the males projected as arrogant arseholes initially mistreating their partners or colleagues??? Try doing that in the UK.

I happened to land on your website … no pun intended ; p… and the jung eunji dating in your list are really awesome! And yes, 12 years promise definitely stretches minutes into hours. Haha I never watched but I remember my coteachers and kids loving it! I remember someone saying it kind of started dragging which is why I never bothered jung eunji dating maybe I ought to give it a shot! Sunshine breathtakingly beautifuland The King: Eternal Monarch.

Another new kdrama addict here. As to how they neatly execute and attack the story without losing jung eunji dating main plot. But the sexiest guy of all time is Kim Jae Young, find him in Her Private Life. If you watch the youtube jung eunji dating the two leads in real life on set behind the scenes, you will be even more entranced.

Then there is My Secret Romance. I would say your recommendations are really good. I have seen most of of jung eunji dating and I agree with jung eunji dating but I completely disagree on your opinion on Cheese in the trap. I know that the main lead pretended to be the perfectkind and polite person but was actually a badass on the inside. But he has his own backstory.

He realizes the flaws in his personality in the end decides overcome them. I totally like the drama despite it being a little different from other dramas. So I guess people should definitely give it a try. The drama started off so well with the nuances but it really failed in the latter half to maintain the quality of the first half, ESPECIALLY as it was clear the director and main actor were having issues off screen. The fact that he finished filming well before the drama finished filming is a huge red flag and the only reason I looked up what was going on behind the scenes is because I was annoyed at how he seemed to have less and less jung eunji dating time.

I am just about to start Kingdom too as so many people have told me how great it is. I loved Crash Landing and Hotel Del Luna. I absolutely agree with you about dramas dragging out in the second half. I enjoyed Itaewon Class, but even in that show, I felt it dragged a bit at the end. Loved your K-drama list! Glad you also liked Fated To Love You, loved the story plot and OSTs.

Such a tearjerker series. Jung eunji dating recently finished Mr. Great story line and cinematography. You should watch it, took me almost a month to finish though, 24 episodes. Oh these are great! And I loved Crash Landing on You. I recently enjoyed W: Two Worlds and Beautiful World. But I do agree with how many of them go through slow moods.

But I do love the amount of work and the writing put into the shows.

Is Junjung Eun-Ji engaged?

Jung Eun-ji has not been previously engaged. She was born in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea and raised alongside her younger brother Jung Min-ki. According to our records, she has no children. Like many celebrities and famous people, Jung keeps her personal and love life private.

Interview with Jung Eunji [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.04.17]

How old is Jung Eun-Ji?

Jung Eun-ji is a 28-year-old South Korean Pop Singer from Busan, South Korea. She was born on Wednesday, August 18, 1993. Is Jung Eun-ji married or single, and who is she dating now?

Is BTS Jung Eun-ji dating anyone?

Jung Eun-ji is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Jung had at least 1 relationship in the past. Jung Eun-ji has not been previously engaged. She was born in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea and raised alongside her younger brother Jung Min-ki.

What is Junjung’s life path number?

Jung’s life path number is 3. Jung Eun-ji is best known for being a Pop Singer. South Korean singer and dancer known as the lead vocalist for the girl group A Pink and for her performance on the hit TV series Reply 1997. She and Son Na-eun are both members of A Pink.

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Is Junjung Eun-Ji engaged?

Jung Eun-ji has not been previously engaged. She was born in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea and raised alongside her younger brother Jung Min-ki. According to our records, she has no children. Like many celebrities and famous people, Jung keeps her personal and love life private.

Is BTS Jung Eun-ji dating anyone?

Jung Eun-ji is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Jung had at least 1 relationship in the past. Jung Eun-ji has not been previously engaged. She was born in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea and raised alongside her younger brother Jung Min-ki.

How old is Jung Eun-Ji?

Jung Eun-ji is a 28-year-old South Korean Pop Singer from Busan, South Korea. She was born on Wednesday, August 18, 1993. Is Jung Eun-ji married or single, and who is she dating now?

Does Ji eun have a boyfriend?

Fun Fact: On the day of Ji Eun’s birth, Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? by Bryan Adams was the number 1 song on The Billboard Hot 100 and Bill Clinton (Democratic) was the U.S. President. Ji Eun is single. She is not dating anyone currently.

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