Hookup on a cruise ship

The Best Cruises for Singles to Hook Up (2022)

The Best Cruises for Singles to Hook Up (2022)

Before working on cruise ships, I always hookup on a cruise ship if the crew hooked up with passengers from time to time. And I was shocked to find out that some did. But it definitely happens. But first… What does hooking up with passengers look like?

Hooking up between passengers and crew members can be as innocent as hanging out in the bars and nightclubs, kissing and heavier physical contact, or full out sex. How much hooking up will a cruise line tolerate? But anything more than friendly conversation is strictly forbidden.

Cruise lines are very aware of the legal issues that could result, as well as the impact on their reputations. They will not do or allow anything that could affect revenue in any way! What happens to cruise ship employees that hook up with passengers?

Once, while working on cruise ships… One of the officers was caught with a passenger. He was then sent home, hookup on a cruise ship never returned.

We always wondered how he explained it to his wife… When cruise lines have to turn a blind eye… Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels There are times when the cruise line turns a blind eye to crew members connecting with passengers.

I once saw a female passenger take an interest in a crew member, and she requested that he join her and her family for dinner one night.

The funny part was, one of the ship photographers really liked that crew member. She hung the picture up dead centre on the main photo board where passengers come to collect their photos, making it hookup on a cruise ship for all to see. She came into the internet cafe one night near the end of my evening shift to check her email.

After asking me a few technical questions, a natural conversation began and the next thing I knew it was past midnight. As much as I was enjoying it, I had mixed feelings for sure. We continued to discreetly hang out, have late-night drinks in the smaller bars every evening and even visited a few ports together. The coast was clear and no one seemed to alert the ship about our rendezvous. By the end of her cruise we decided to stay in contact and see if this budding relationship could work.

Since she was no longer a passenger, that gave us more freedom. One major advantage we had was that she lived near a port we visited regularly, and so we saw each other every 10 days or so. By the end of my contract, we decided I would stay with her and her parents for a few months, hoping things would continue to work out.

As wonderful as it all was, sadly it did not. The reality of having to leave my family and friends she lived in a different country and my love and lure of the sea, brought me back to ships a few months later… where I continued to work for another 3 years. When crew and passenger relationships do work out… A good friend of mine played in the piano bar and met a female passenger one night.

She lived near the turn-around port and they would routinely meet up and hang out. Countless contracts later, they eventually settled on land, had a little girl, and continue to be married to this day. I love it when things do work out so well.

Rob Lilley is passionate about working on cruise ships, and spent 5 years of his life travelling the seven seas and touching ground on all 7 continents. With the experience of 2 different job positions in multiple contracts with different cruise lines, from explorer ships to full-sized cruise liners, Rob hookup on a cruise ship keen to share his insider insights with all of those interested in working at sea!

Can you hook up on a cruise?

Hooking up on a cruise can be a fun and memorable experience. Just don’t let it turn into a nightmare by doing something at sea that you wouldn’t do on land. Every cruise will usually have singles’ mixers during the course of the cruise. If you’re looking for a partner, the playing field doesn’t get any better than this.


Are there any cruises for single women to hook up?

If you want to travel solo, as a single parent, or with a group of single friends, read on to learn more about the best cruises for singles to hook up… Most ‘sexy cruises’ are actually swingers events. These are only open to couples or single women.

How do you meet people on a cruise?

Here are a few ways to meet people on a cruise. Singles who cruise often have to bring a friend to share the room to keep the fare low. Otherwise, they pay double rates to have a cabin to themselves. Despite the fact most people on the cruise have partners, you can also find groups that cruise with people who are single.

How do I find a partner on a cruise?

Every cruise will usually have singles’ mixers during the course of the cruise. If you’re looking for a partner, the playing field doesn’t get any better than this. Put on your best outfit, have a drink or two, and go scope out the scene. You’ll find the schedule in the ship’s daily planner.

Revealing Stories from Cruise Ship Workers

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