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Hotel Hack: Use Your Apple TV While Traveling

Hotel Hack: Use Your Apple TV While Traveling

Well, of course there is. You may go blind from trying to see any details on that tiny screen, though. You could try streaming something on your tablet or laptop, but good luck balancing that on your stomach comfortably while you watch old Seinfeld reruns on Crackle. But how to make that happen… Based on the title of this post, you surely know the answer: bring your Apple TV on the road.

I love my Apple TV. It gives me access to HBOGo, Netflix, Hulu Plus, WatchESPN, and so much more. At under 10 oz. After years of travel TV frustration, I finally decided to take my Apple TV to a hotel to test it out and I was so happy with the results. This past weekend, I spent a night at the gorgeous Ojai Valley Inn in remote Ojai, CA and, while there were a decent number of channels, I wanted the freedom to watch old episodes of The Wire.

No hook up while travelling options here, so I hooked up my Apple TV — it took about 12 seconds — and I was good to go. It was seriously hook up while travelling easy. I imagine there may be some issues with certain hotel wi-fi systems, but in this case it was truly a plug-and-play operation.

Within a minute, I was watching Jimmy McNulty butt heads with Stringer Bell. All hotel wi-fi is not created equally. If the network is open to all guests, you should be in good shape. If you need to enter a room number and a name to use hook up while travelling network, it could be more problematic. Keep track of your remote! I know this because I lose mine all the time at home.

I hook up while travelling no idea if this works internationally. My gut says no. I think most streaming services HBOGo, WatchESPN, etc.

Just something to keep in mind. I seriously use mine daily. Have you ever taken an Apple TV on the road with you? I did a similar post a while back as I do this quite often but sometimes mix it up with either my Chromecast or Fire Stick. One other thing to consider is that a lot of TVs have the remote boxes lock out access to the ports.

The default remote may not hook up while travelling configured to allow input access so you can do that directly on the TV or with a remote app available on many Android phones. For hotel wifi I use this wireless access device to allow connectivity: It allows you to log on to systems with webpage access, based on room numbers, etc.

Streaming from computer or phone to TV device is also possible, and as an added bonus it can be used as a USB battery and a drive sharing utility. I did take my Apple TV to Thailand this past January. There were two difficult hurdles to consider. The first was the geo-fence…a VPN did the trick. The second issue was the wifi. I ended up using my old Apple Airport Express to set up a private network…it was a little complicated, but I managed. The VPN and SLOW hotel internet made it worse than it might have been, but I did watch the entire Oregon-Ohio Hook up while travelling National Championship game.

I have found hooking up my iPad to the hotel TV using an Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter and a long HDMI cable to be the best option.

All the same set of channels are available in the iPad plus you have access to content not available on the Apple TV and you can access any kind of Hotel WiFi that way.

Thanks for the comment. With the iPad I can watch my sling box Back at home and still get Dodgers every game. Is there a way to do that on the road with Apple TV if I have movies on computer like at home. Maybe doing the router setup like another post mentioned? Streaming over wifi in a hotel room? Its not uncommon that I just Hot Spot with my iPhone.

Is hooking up inevitable when traveling?

So hooking up is inevitable and if you are traveling, it is very easy to find a companion because they’re all feeling lonely. Some won’t admit it but it’s not really about the sex—it’s about what we feel inside. Loneliness eats you up slowly and when you don’t do anything about it, it gets worse.

How to Hook Up Abroad: Taking Someone Home

Is traveling while single a good idea?

Traveling while you’re single has plenty of perks, principal among them meeting -- or even hooking up with -- other people. Visiting a new place presents the opportunity for fun, self-discovery, and adventure. Who better to see the town with, learning about your own culture and that of another, than someone you’re attracted to?

Do you get lonely when you’re traveling?

But then, I realized, when you’re traveling, it gets lonely. So hooking up is inevitable and if you are traveling, it is very easy to find a companion because they’re all feeling lonely. Some won’t admit it but it’s not really about the sex—it’s about what we feel inside.

How can I attract women who are traveling?

Women who are traveling often seek a good time, too, and you can be a part of it. If you’re after a local, give her a short vacation in her hometown. Women are after attractive men, too, and theres nothing like feeling the travelers spirit right at home. Embrace it!

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