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9 Good Venues to Meet Girls in Tokyo

9 Good Venues to Meet Girls in Tokyo

The first thing you should know is that Japanese people are weekend night owls. While the last train home for everyone is around midnight, many people out for a night on the town will catch the first train in the morning, around 5am. This is hookup shinjuku common among young people due to the incredibly high cost of taking taxis. When thinking about where to meet Japanese girls, think about the busy or trendy areas on holidays.

Roppongi is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Tokyo, along with Shinjuku and KabukichoShibuya and Ginza. Just a ways down the street towards Roppongi 1-Chome station is Ark Hills another similar complex.

While the main street can still be pretty seedy, with lots of African touts trying to pull you into random bars and crowds of drunk western college kids roaming the street on weekends, it is still one of the best places to meet Japanese women.

In general Roppongi is a good choice for meeting Japanese women at clubs, bars and cafes when the after work crowd is getting dinner or drinks. During weekends there are plenty of attractive Japanese women walking around. When it comes to meeting girls at night, however, there are far more options. Bars First off, the club and bar scene is constantly shifting.

Crackdowns happen regularly, especially on large dance clubs. Muse has since re-opened and from reports are that it is as hopping as ever! Hookup shinjuku Japan, any establishment that has dancing after midnight is required to operate with a special permit that the government rarely issues. What this means in practice is that if the owners of a night club are causing any problems in the neighborhood by not controlling their clientele rowdiness, excessive public drunkenness, too many fights, etc.

In any case, in typical Japan fashion, Muse like most other clubs that get shut down will probably re-open in the same location, with the same layout, with a new name after a few months. Up until the closure, Muse was well known as a place that Japanese female professionals, usually in their mid to late 20s, go to get down with foreign guys. Tusk, formerly, Heartland has traditionally been a banker bar because Barclays and Lehman were both located in Roppongi Hills, so it tends to attract Japanese women in their late 20s and early 30s with a few younger girls sprinkled in hookup shinjuku mix.

The crowd tends to go for a more sophisticated look. Since Heartland closed and re-opened, many of the bankers and banker hunters, presumably have moved on and up to another bar-restaurant in Roppongi Hills, called Rigoletto.

Rigoletto has a rectangular bar near the entrance-way of the restaurant and a great view overlooking the city and Tokyo tower. You can reach it by taking an elevator to the 5th floor of elevator closest to Zara. Girls often outnumber guys there and the guys that do go there rarely approach. It has a very laid back atmosphere and the layout makes it quite easy to talk to almost anyone there.

Hookup shinjuku Club Scene in Brief For clubs, Feria used to be a good choice. It attracts a very international crowd — lots of western models, Japanese Americans, and Japanese international school graduates.

The English levels are quite high and if you hang out in front of the elevators you can have some pretty easy approach opportunities. It closed down at the end of 2015, moved to Azabu Juban and reopened as Elle. The bottom floor is where all of the action is, but for approaching girls, the top floor is where you want to be. Then there is A-life which seems to stay in the same spot but rotate names. It used to be my favorite place in Roppongi before Vanity opened because the layout is nice for partying.

These days it can be hit or miss with some weekend nights totally packed and hookup shinjuku that are pretty empty. Later in the night, around 3pm, a second wave of girls show up after they get off of their hosting jobs. Plenty of Japanese guys here throw around cash hoping that champagne will lead them to some easy action.

In general, the girls there are definitely up for fun. Lastly, long time foreigner haunt, Muse, is back in business. Leave it in the comments below with a short description.

Maybe the most famous place in all of Japan. So by all accounts, does it live up to the hype? Shibuya has several things going for it that make it one of the best spots on the planet for meeting Japanese girls and maybe THE best spot on the planet for meeting women.

The sheer hookup shinjuku of people in around Shibuya mean that there is an inexhaustible number of Japanese hookup shinjuku to meet at any time of the day or night. Veteran Tokyo watcher, Danny Choo son of Jimmy Choo of the shoesays that 45,000 people cross every 30 min which means easily more than 1million per DAY! As a young buck on the hunt, what this means for you is that Shibuya is teeming with 100s of THOUSANDS of dressed to kill.

There have been more than a few reports of guys breaking their own necks trying to take hookup shinjuku all in or being overwhelmed after newly arriving from the west. Hookup shinjuku that means is that there are so many places to go to meet Japanese women that you can take your pick. If you like meeting girls on the street, NO PROBLEM. If you like meeting Japanese girls at cafes, NO Hookup shinjuku.

If you like meeting Japanese girls at bars, NO PROBLEM! If you like meeting Hookup shinjuku girls at clubs, NO PROBLEM! The One Drawback Now, before you explode out of your pants just thinking about all that Shibuya has to offer a young or not so young guy on the go, there is one drawback to Shibuya over Roppongi…or maybe two depending on your proclivities. If you prefer your Japanese women above the age of 25, then Shibuya hookup shinjuku not the place for you.

Shibuya is a youth centered area, which is one of the reasons there is so much activity there all day everyday. Please leave it to the professionals like me. This may be more or less of a problem for you, depending on how comfortable hookup shinjuku are working hookup hookup shinjuku language barriers.

If you like young Japanese women with blonde hair and short skirts, Shibuya is your place. If you like, young Japanese women with blonde hair and short skirts who speak English, Shibuya is still your place.

Now, where to go… Cafes in Shibuya While there are cafes everywhere, there are really only 2 that I strongly recommend for meeting women. There are more girls passing through that Starbucks for a coffee after work, a coffee before work, killing time between shopping, waiting for friends, etc than any other Starbucks in Japan.

You can bring your laptop and get to work while also taking advantage of the many girls that come to have a bite to eat hookup shinjuku want a more sophisticated and relaxed cafe experience than the Starbucks downstairs offers. Better girls frequent the smoking section, than the non-smoking section, so choose your seating according to your priorities!

It was amazingly crowded when I went there and the crowd was very similar to hookup shinjuku Roppongi Hub. A lot of non-Japanese and Japanese University students were there to mix and mingle. Very friendly, and easy to chat up girls there. There are more clubs in Shibuya than any other hookup shinjuku of the city.

My personal favorite is. Camelot tends to attract girl in their early 20s, say 22-24. More Recently, though,has hit the scene. If you drop by, you can tell DJ Vivid that you heard about it from me! The quality of the girls is definitely up to speed. Once again the darkness of hookup shinjuku place makes it not my favorite but still a good choice. Having said that though, many of the girls in Shibuya will be plenty happy to meet a non-Japanese guy.

Hookup shinjuku youth level means that most of them have yet to travel overseas as well so they really have far less experience and exposure to foreigners and foreign culture.

Keep that in mind if you decide to wander over to Shibuya to see the best that Japan has to offer. There is a wide promenade with a heavily trafficked Starbucks that has plenty of seating outdoors.

When the weather is nice, there are loads of people and Japanese women, especially lining the walls on either side of the promenade too. Further down, there is a large Krispy Kreme and a Franc Franc interior store that always has at least a handful of attractive women browsing the store looking for the latest thing to spruce up their room. All of the various gadgets and items make for great conversation pieces too. Ginza Ginza is the upscale designer fashion center of Tokyo.

The high end department stores are teeming with middle aged women with kids out of the house and plenty of money and time to burn. Be sure to dress sharp, they like elegance and class. Osaka My favorite Japanese city! In Osaka, people are surrounded by their friends hookup shinjuku family far more often, tend to be from the region, and care far more about their quality of life—good food, and work-life balance—than they care about getting ahead.

As such, Osaka is the hookup shinjuku comedy and eating capital of Japan. The people are always looking to have a good time. Umeda Umeda is the northern most, and therefore also gets traffic coming in from Kobe, and Kyoto.

Umeda is also where you find a hookup shinjuku concentration of large department stores and has more office buildings so that you get more OLs Office Ladies here than in the other two neighborhoods. If you want to go a bit older, then NU Chayamachi is where I hookup shinjuku recommend. Umeda also has a bustling nightlife with plenty of bars, lots of restaurants and a few clubs as well. Whatever your budget, you can find some venues to meet Japanese girls or you can find plenty walking the streets on their way to meet friends or just window shopping.

There is a popular bookstore and video rental shop with a big Starbucks that is great for crowd watching hookup shinjuku attracts lots of girls who are looking hookup shinjuku a place to take a break from shopping, eating and hookup shinjuku seeing. While the main streets are full of Japanese girls going to name brand shops, the back streets get busy from evening until the early morning hours. Amerika-mura On the other side of Midosuji is what Japanese call, Amerika-mura, which means America town.

Here you can see all of the various sub-cultures that Japan is famous for. So if you like gosu rorita hookup shinjuku lolita girls or other cosupure costume play Japanese girls, b-kei hip hopthis is the area for you. It tends to have a lot of cool shops with and foreign restaurants geared towards younger Japanese with little money. Horie Heading west from Amerika-mura, you can cross over Yotsubashi suji street to arrive in Horie.

Unlike Amerika-mura which is the hip artsy center of Osaka, Horie is the upscale trendy part of the city. In the center of Horie is Orange street, originally known for expensive, modern, classy, trendy imported furniture, it is now lined mostly with high end boutique fashion brands, shops filled with unique zakka small home goodsand cool cafes that are VERY Instagramable.

The side and back streets leave plenty more shops and specialty snacks and sweets that people buy as the meander hookup shinjuku streets on a nice day going for a walk in and around the many parks, while window shopping. On weekends, when the weather is nice though, the streets are super busy with couples and groups of girls traveling downtown from all parts of Osaka city area including Kyoto and Kobe.

You should probably hookup shinjuku for younger though there will be some. Most women in the age range you mentioned that are looking for guys are married but are keen on some fun on the side. Do u by anychance know where is it? Or any high end foreign Asian hostess clubs? And is it true some of the club allow only local?

It is true that many most? Anyways the girls to pick are mostly foreigners Australians, Russian, African, etc in most of those places Japanese women hookup shinjuku rarely used. But is not worthed to go to those places at least for me as a westerner is lame to waste money for a girl that you hookup shinjuku not even to get laid with. Hookup shinjuku is that you can meet up with those girls outside or in places like Roppongi but it is a hookup shinjuku.

Are there such beings?! I am rather tall myself and I LOVE tall girls! I want to find one about my size, however. Asian American or Asian Canadian girls who have grown up in the West hookup shinjuku to be bigger and taller. Most of the times they are the ones who initiate exchanging LINE contacts with me although they do flake afterwards.

In Roppongi, Motown is still a fun place to be with some chance to meet an interesting woman. Any advice for Shinjuku? The folks in the Hub are way too young for me. Looking more for the bored hookup shinjuku that needs some adventure… Even better than Japanese women would hookup shinjuku Filipinas in their 40s — more fun, better English.

Wives are not generally out at night, because they have to be home with the kids. My friend who hookup shinjuku a lot of housewives always meets them for lunch. No idea about Filipinas. There are a lot of places for that in Roppongi. I am reasonably experienced Meeting women in general, but am New to Japan and where to meet them is still something I am coming to terms With. Are the cafes, coffee shops and bars pretty much still the best venues to meet girls?

Thanks for the great info.

Are there any hook-ups in Tokyo?

These women are often on the lookout for a hook-up with a young student or even foreign visitors. Caucasian men are often of particular interest when it comes to hook-ups, Latinos, too. When visiting Tokyo, dating can be a fun and interesting experience.

Number 1 Late-Night Hookups district in Tokyo

What is Shinjuku in Tokyo?

Shinjuku is a huge business, commercial, and entertainment center located atop the worlds busiest railway station complex. It is also a busy student district with lots of trendy shops and cafes. Here you should find a few interesting girls to mingle with.

Where can I pick up girls in Tokyo?

Roppongi has many of the best nightclubs and singles bars to pick up girls in Tokyo like: Then there are more places to try and hook up with sexy ladies in Shibuya: You can find more pick up bars like Hub which has multiple locations and Watami in Shinjuku that should be filled with hot Japanese girls.

Where can I hook up with girls in Shibuya?

Then there are more places to try and hook up with sexy ladies in Shibuya: You can find more pick up bars like Hub which has multiple locations and Watami in Shinjuku that should be filled with hot Japanese girls. Genius in Ginza is another club that comes highly recommended.

Red line district KAIKATSU Club with 100% private room, Kabukicho Shinjuku [Japan Traveler]

Where can I hook up with girls in Tokyo?

Roppongi has many of the best nightclubs and singles bars to pick up girls in Tokyo like: Then there are more places to try and hook up with sexy ladies in Shibuya:

Why are there so many hook-ups in Tokyo?

Tokyo operates on the foundation of a thriving economy; thus, there are many older women - often wealthy mature ladies - who focus primarily on their careers. These women are often on the lookout for a hook-up with a young student or even foreign visitors. Caucasian men are often of particular interest when it comes to hook-ups, Latinos, too.

Do Japanese women like to hook up with men?

The women of Japan are extremely conscious about the kind of men they choose to hook up with or date. Unlike many girls from prominent European and American nations, who sleep with men very casually, at times in the heat of the moment.

Is japancupid the best dating site in Tokyo?

While there and many dating sites in Tokyo, JapanCupid has a high success rate. This makes JapanCupid the best dating site in Tokyo offering its member incredible opportunities to meet lovely girls in Tokyo for singles. The girls here are fun to chat with and subscribing is free.

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