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YouTube Star Collaborations: 'Hooking Up' Lonely Girl 15, Michael Buckly, Nalts, Mr. Sa

YouTube Star Collaborations: 'Hooking Up' Lonely Girl 15, Michael Buckly, Nalts, Mr. Sa

The Storm Trend 2 is another high-performance bowling ball in Storm's Signature line hook up trend bowling balls that they have created in collaboration with professional bowler Jason Belmonte. This ball uses an adapted Piston Core that has a lighter density which creates a higher RG and a lower differential.

This Piston LD Core offers the bowler more continuation and constant motion. This core is covered with the NRG Hybrid Coverstock. This ball works well on medium oil when the front of the lane starts to dry out but you still need a strong backend. The Trend 2 has a stronger cover and redesigned weight block than the successful original Trend pearl ball.

The piston core has been hook up trend to raise the RG and lower the Differential to create more powerful reaction giving the bowler more continuation through the pins.

The NRG hybrid reactive coverstock still allows the ball to be clean through the front of the lanes with a strong move coming off the oil pattern. I tested the ball on a 42 feet THS.

As a medium to low rev player, I see this ball being great on medium patterns. I was able to play in the track area and deep inside without any loss of ball reaction or pin carry.

The Trend 2 is a must have for league and tournament bowlers. Anticipated release date is October 29, 2021. My ball reviews are posted on YouTube channel Stanley Waite. Stanley Waite 900 Global Staff Member Dover, DE LANE CONDITION Length: 43' Volume: 21. I enjoyed the uniqueness of the ProMotion. The OG Trend was also a motion that was unique in my bag. Finally, this newest incarnation, is the most versatile of the Trilogy. The nano cover is the same cover that was on the OG PhysiX was a ball that I had multiples of hook up trend of all the success that I had with it.

I really liked this cover. The combination of the this cover along with the modified Piston core, created a monster of a ball. Layout: 50x5x30 or 5x4x2 Balls that are currently in the bag: Zen- 50x4.

The new Trend 2 is a stronger and hook up trend angular version of the original Trend. Trend 2 has the NRG Hybrid cover and a modified Piston core.

This ball also will bridge the gap between the stronger earlier balls like Axiom or Proton Physics and the mid-range type balls like the Electrify or Hyroads. Jason Hollingsworth StormNation Lane Condition Length: 40 Volume: Medium Type THS, Sport Pattern etc : THS Comments The newest collaboration between Storm and Jason Belmonte is here! Who else is excited?! The Trend 2 features a redesigned core from the Trend, wrapped in a hybrid cover stock.

These changes have lowered the differential to an 0. I compared these two balls in my YouTube ball review, and the Trend 2 is a little bit earlier and will give you a more rounded motion. I actually thought this ball would be earlier than it is, so I'm pleasantly surprised at how well it gets through the fronts.

The Trend 2 is a ball I will throw right after the Zen, but before I get into the Trend and then the Hustle series.

Belmo hits another home run with his signature ball! Definitely hooks a lot down lane with a very continuous motion.

The cover still allows you to move in and handle the higher volume in the middle without any problem. A step down ball for me from the top shelf Proton Physix and Axiom. Definitely a ball that fills a spot in any league or tournament bag. The newest collaboration with Jason Belmonte has us with a lower differential core and the NRG Hybrid cover.

The Piston LD core has numbers of 2. I drilled mine 5. My first impresses of this ball is that it is very similar to the Trend as far as ball motion but after awhile I started to see the differences.

The Hook up trend 2 is a couple of boards stronger and actually more off the end of the pattern. The Trend was very smooth for a pearl and the Trend 2 picks up the lane sooner but is more in the back. I can see myself using the Trend 2 a little more than I did the Trend because of the stronger cover and the extra motion it gives me in the back part of the lane. A ball that, out of the box, is simply poetry off your hand!

The kind of ball that makes you remember why you love the game so much! A ball that makes you think, "Hey, I guess I'm not that bad of a bowler after all! So, let's take a closer look at the fantastic results the Trend 2 provided on a THS. The heart of the Trend 2 is the new lightweight Piston Core.

To go beyond its tech specs is to say this core has a fantastic ability to rev and roll from the moment it leaves your hand. The Piston Core is smooth through the heads and revs in the mid lane with a constant heart-pumping rhythm. I loved how the Piston Core hook up trend a brisk turn off the pattern and rolled with a distinct authority to the pins.

Further, this symmetric core has a vibrant and robust continuation through the pin deck that leaves nothing standing in its way! Hybrid Covers give you the best of both worlds in coverstocks, and the NRG Hybrid Reactive Cover completes the top-notch quality of the Trend 2. Out of the box, the NRG Hybrid provided the hook up trend I needed all night. Early on fresh oil, this cover had excellent traction throughout the lane without burning up its energy as it made its turn towards the pins.

As the night progressed, the NRG hybrid read the changing lane conditions quite effortlessly. It also provided a smooth motion off the pattern all night. I like how this cover kept its predictable movement and stable reaction as I moved inside, targeting 18.

My conclusion of the Trend 2 is to praise this brilliantly designed new release by Storm. Further, I would say you don't have to be a high-rev, two-handed superstar like Jason Belmonte to score with this ball either!

The Trend 2 is truly a game-changer for an older, high-speed, low-rev player like me. It brought a refreshing excitement back to my game.

But, more importantly, it elevates hook up trend fever to win, which keeps you coming back week after week. So, talk to your local pro shop owner and have a Trend 2 drilled up for your next league competition. And see for yourself why Trend 2 belongs in your arsenal! Rick Klimowicz Storm Products Pro Shop Staff Roll the Ball Pro shop Penndel, PA Trend 2 Cover: NRG Hybrid Cover 1500 Polished Core: Modified Piston Core RG: 2.

The Trend 2 is clean throw the fronts and has a great smooth backend motion. The Trend 2 has hook up trend strong backend motion and a shape that gets the throw the pins and keeps going. I threw the Trend 2 out of the box but hook up trend recently hit it with 3000 and really like the motion the ball picks up a bit sooner and seems to blend a little better without jumping off the spot due to the polish. For me the Trend 2 is going to be a great transition ball. Not necessarily a ball down or up but a switch in motion that can blend out the pattern or the burn and get through the pins getting better carry.

The Trend 2 is going to be a great addition to any style of play. Storm Trend 2 Cover: NRG Hybrid Core: Piston LD Layout: 5 x 3 x 2. The Trend 2 seems to want to dig a bit more even with the super shiny box finish on its NRG Hybrid cover also hook up trend a favorite of mine - Physix.

My Trend 2 really hook up trend hook up trend back part of the lane and kind of locks up and rolls through the pins. This was alleviated mostly by really getting left and opening up the angles maybe even more than normal which speaks to the overall strength of this ball. For me, the Trend 2 is more useful and more controllable with the surface. The surface also serves to provide more separation compared to other similar balls in our line. Video Review Link: I drilled up my TREND 2 at 4. Hook up trend idea is to compare to a couple of other trusted pieces that tend to come out when I think the TREND 2 should be in play.

These are the ZEN and IDOL SYNERGY. First hook up trend I noticed about the TREND 2 is it glides fairly easily thru the fronts no matter how chopped up they seem to get. My ZEN is a go to when I need something to pick up and the bigger balls are sluggish looking in the back ends. I keep my ZEN at a light 2000. They do play off each other well as my TREND 2 gets slightly longer and has that ZENlike pop on the backend.

IDOL SYNERGY plays off the TREND 2 as well getting more length when the TREND 2 is starting to check too quickly or go forward too fast. I did also try the HYPED HYBRID. It was after the TREND 2 was slowing down too much. I had to be more precise with it speed wise than going to the IDOL SYNERGY hook up trend that is another review.

If you been skeptical about the Belmo releases I was because my rev rate is about half of Jason'sthis ball will get your attention. I have been able to get it up the lane or get around it some more and get it back and still have strong hit with it. The Trend 2 is the 5th signature line ball produced by Storm hook up trend collaboration with Jason Belmonte. It features a modified piston block that was originally in the Pro Motion and Trend.

This new block has a significantly lower differential and higher RG which in combined with the NRG hybrid cover produces significantly more down lane shape than the original Trend. I see absolutely none hook up trend these problems out of the Trend 2. The first night of using it in this center, I managed to snag a couple of pot games and the eliminator win.

When compared to the Axiom Pearl, the Trend 2 is a quite a bit cleaner and sharper off the end of the pattern. I could see myself going to the Trend 2 when I need to jump a zone left after the Axiom Pearl starts slowing down too quickly. When compared to the Hyroad, the Trend 2 is a touch earlier and rounder off the end hook up trend the pattern. The Trend 2 is now available for purchase in your local Storm VIP pro shop!

Review Video: The piston core was altered in the latest version of the Trend featuring a higher RG and lower differential. Also, we see a hybrid cover on the Trend 2. I was a fan of the original Trend when I wanted to keep my angles in front of me.

I do find the Hook up trend 2 to be usable for more bowlers as it gives a rounder shape compared to the original which was more angular. You're able to wheel hook up trend Trend 2 more and this will be good on fresh or some transition on those medium to higher oil conditions. The Trend 2 uses the same Piston Core as the Trend, and uses NRG hybrid cover.

Like the Trend, the Trend 2 has no problem getting down the lane with ease, but what separates the Trend 2 is the backend reaction.

This ball picks up sooner, and is about 5-6 boards more on the backend. I added a light 2000 to mine, it has become a great benchmark ball for me. I can throw it all 3 games of league without having to make any major adjustments. The new Jason Belmonte signature line ball is the Storm Trend 2. I personally think each of his bowling balls have just gotten better with each new release. The Trend 2 is really good and the best ones out of the signature line!

I drilled mine with a 5 inch pin down and took the shine off with a 3000 pad. WoW this ball hooks. The piston core was altered in the latest version of the Trend featuring a higher RG and lower hook up trend with a Hybird coverstock NRG Hybrid Reactive. This by far is the best Belmo that Storm has produced. More overall hook than I expected.

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