Do beth and rio hook up more than once

The Surprising Truth About Modern Hook

The Surprising Truth About Modern Hook

The times that Beth and Rio had sex it seemed like it was hot hot hot. Rio always left hints that he would be interested in having more. I always wondered after Beth had this amazing sex she didn't want more. Also it is heart breaking that she orders Rio's death without blinking a eye. Rio and Beth do seem to have chemistry well maybe at first and he has done a lot for her. Hope Rio doesn't die and she is left as the King. But when you are number one there is only one way to go. They way she behaved when she killed Rio looked like she didnt care.

Thats why I don't get some people who think she can just go back to Rio like that. The only way I could see that if she does something big for him. Also with her just immediately going back to Dean, even having him share the bed with her again just cheapened her whole development.

Its like the writers just did a reset because they actually really want Beth and Dean together, which is just so disturbing to me. We have never seen her acting like that towards Rio, its always Rio saving her from trouble and she is the one who constantly tries to get rid of him. They made Beth just really unlikable and she looks kind of selfish. I want to see her actually care for Rio, then I could see them further their partnership. She always acts like she is the only one with kids and a family, he has one too.

She went a little crazy after that cause she had feelings for him and when she saw him with another girl she changed completely. She treated him bad and tried making dean sleep with her like how rio did. But Rio is almost never getting her out of it. But they are pretty bad peep boomer, Mary Pat she sees herself like that, like a good person that just had to do bad.

Also in Season 4 we see Beth saying she still loves Dean. I think Beth is better of without Rio and Dean they are just so toxic. But of course this is just fiction. I am tired of people calling it misgony as soon as someone criticises beth.

Its hard to enjoy the show because of all the passes she gets. Its just not realistic, even when the show itself is so unrealistic in many ways. Beth has never really had to face consequences for her actions, someone else does ir always for her.

Ruby, Turner Lucy, Rio Dean and the hitman were all shot. Beth ia always shielded from the consequences even though she is always the cause of most of the things that go wrong on the show, it just sl annoying. I consider myself a feminist and believe in equality of the genders. She wants to reap all the benefits of being in the dirty world of crime, without doing any if the hard dirty work.

How feminist is that? Unless you want her dead. There have been multiple scenarios where she faces her consequences. Rio always shows up to take it out in Beth not the other girls. Ruby and Annie just get pressured by the FBI, and so does Beth btw.

Also every-time Beth asks for something Rio always has a way of blackmailing her and getting what he wants, if he actually respected her decisions he would let her leave if she wants to instead he makes her touch a gun, hurts her family, literally steals her entire furniture and blackmails her every single time she doesn't do anything he says. I agree Beth is quite stupid sometimes and she is not innocent but Rio acts like he can treat a woman like his puppet probably because of the Man to Woman Power differences in society, I guarantee if Beth was a man firstly she'd probably be dead because he wouldn't fuck a man but he would also probably have more respect for her.

I agree Lucy dying was definitely her fault tho LMAO. Dean literally cheated on her with multiple women, faked having cancer and in the first few seasons was a complete and utter dick do beth and rio hook up more than once you're mad that she doesn't love him? LOL I wouldn't either if I was her. I only began seeing the redeeming qualities of Dean late in season 3.

The writers are pretty keen on Beth being too afraid to leave her old life behind do beth and rio hook up more than once become a crime Queen. Rio essentially represents that kingdom, you know?

If she chooses to continue their affair, that is it, she will be part of a crime family for real. So she pretends that he's the source of all her problems, like he is at fault for making her do crime lol and she thinks she'll kill the urge by killing him. Won't happen, didn't happen she found a way to bake counterfeit money after she shot him. It's definitely getting a little boring watching Beth do beth and rio hook up more than once denial.

I had forgot about all those little things Beth did when she was around Rio. If Beth becomes King I can see her becoming a Rio where she kills and all that other stuff. Really enjoying christina hendricks playing Beth.

I forgot what a beautiful face she has. What were they thinking?! Even if they do hook up again, it will never be the same as before she tried to kill him so heartlessly. So for me, after Hitman, she is done with that approach. Personally I would really like Beth to get emotionally close to Rio, but not together as a couple, that would be too boring. They need to want it, but never fully getting there. And of course, never talking about their feelings for each other, that would not fit their personality.

He surely must be plotting revenge or her death. It looks like Beth and her family is about to go into witness protection program. At the beginning of season 4 they said Beth would meet Rio's boss and would find out how Rio got into his crime life. So how did she go from almost into the program to meeting Rio's boss. Do beth and rio hook up more than once still would like Beth to tell Rio she held back because she was jealous of the other girl. Rio should tell her I can't kill someone I love.

I am rooting for BRIO. Also the second time they had sex, showed that do beth and rio hook up more than once feelings were deep, maybe not love back then, but it was definitely more than lust.

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Are Beth and Rio from ‘Good Girls’ dating?

When Good Girls season 1 premiered in 2018, a relationship between Beth and Rio wasn’t even on our radar. However, over time, the chemistry between Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana was too hard to ignore.

beth x rio

Why did Beth and Rio hook up in the bathroom?

When They Hooked Up in the Bathroom Beth was always intrigued by Rio and she gave into temptation; she allowed herself to give into her deepest desires and embrace a wild side. Rio gave her the freedom that Dean never did. We see how fed up she is with Dean as he assumes everything about her and doesn’t actually value her.

What would you like to see from Rio and Beths relationship?

See Beth getting into her dark side under the mentorship of Rio as their relationship develops, would be great. I would love to see Beth get shot and Rio freaks out or vice versa, I know morbid. ...............and not everyone likes blueberries in their pancakes. I don’t see them in a traditional relationship of course.

What happened to Rio after he gave Beth the keys?

Just as soon as Rio gave Beth the keys to the kingdom, he takes them away, breaking into the dealership, destroying a Lamborghini, and decreasing her cut of the money. When she goes to the storage locker to burn the rest of the remaining money, she discovers that Rio has taken it back.

[Good Girls] Beth&Rio - Falling in love

Are Rio and Beth in a relationship on Good Girls?

Its the moment every Good Girls fan has anxiously been waiting for: a Beth (Christina Hendricks) and Rio (Manny Montana) love story. The suburban housewife and criminal have been playing cat and mouse with one another for the past three seasons.

Do Rio and Beth sleep together on the bachelorette?

Rio and Beths relationship has, of course, been through plenty of ups, downs, and everything in between — including the perpetual sexual tension between them. The two haven’t slept together since Season 2, after Beth shot Rio three times.

What to expect from Beth and Rio’s Season 4 premiere?

The series creator, Jenna Bans, revealed that in season 4, we will see Beth and Rio compelled to work together in a way they have never done before. This new situation is bound to strengthen whatever attracts them to each other.

Did Rio and Beth have a first sexual encounter?

Initially, Beth scoffs at the idea and says she wouldnt even know how to say such a thing. But the episode ends with her sharing an elaborate work of fanfiction that detailed her and Rios first sexual encounter. Its a made-up retelling so believable that-by the end-Im sure the FBI agent was shipping Brio too.

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